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(Business) gifts

gift basket Heineken

This basket is a ideal present to give to a beer lover. He or she will receive 2 bottles of Heineken beer, with a stone beer mug. While drinking beer they can enjoy a delicious farmer cheese. In addition there are also two Delft Blue Christmas souvenirs (or other) and a small wooden clog. A wonderful gift to receive or give. The type of basket may vary.

Weight: 2300 gram
  € 31,20 p/s


gift basket - Danita

A nice basket to give as a present, as a thank you or just for fun. The basket includes a delicious Gouda cheese and a bottle of 0.25 liter Simonehoeve red wine plus a glass with a typical Dutch image. The type of basket may vary.

Weight: 1000 gram
  € 22,80 p/s


Gift basket Cabra

A basket with a delicious goat cheese and a jar of Simonehoeve fruit jam. Truly for the connoisseur. And as a nice extra a keychain with two tiny wooden clogs.

Weight: 950 gram
  € 23,50 p/s


Gift basket Cornelia

Would you like to give an Edam cheese but with something extra? This basket is a good choice for you! You will also find a souvenir in Delft blue, in the form of kissing couple. The type of basket may vary.

Weight: 1080 gram
  € 24,50 p/s


Gift basket Simone

Stinging nettle cheese with a Boska cheese slicer, a pint of berries jenever all in a nice basket, and you have a really nice gift! The type of basket may vary.

Weight: 1425 gram
  € 35,25 p/s


Gift Cheese

Would you like a cheese gift? We pack it for you! Also great as a pillow gift or incentive.

Weight: 450 gram
  € 9,50 p/s


Gift box with three cheeses

Very suitable to someone who loves cheese. They can choose which cheese they first want to start with: plain Gouda, garlic and goat cheese. Or all three at once, of course!

Weight: 1350 gram
  € 31,50 p/s


Gift box with various cheeses

Doesn't it lovely to you that you can choose from many types of cheese? Then it is extra fun to give this package to someone as a gift.
In the net you will find the following cheeses: tomato-olive, stinging nettle, cumin, Edam and Gouda cheese.

Weight: 2500 gram
  € 54,00 p/s


Gift Farmers handkerchief

As a surprise to lay on a pillow or on a desk as a thank you. It is a red farmers handkerchief with a genuine Gouda cheese in it.

Weight: 450 gram
  € 14,30 p/s


Gift knapsack

A red farmers handkerchief containing a Gouda cheese and a bag of typical Dutch candy. A kind of knapsack therefore. Great to give and a surprise to receive!

Weight: 650 gram
  € 17,30 p/s


Gift box Koei

A nice present: a Dutch Gouda cheese from cow's milk with a matching 'koe' glass. A good idea as Pillow gift or as a thank you. Always comes in handy!

Weight: 655 gram
  € 11,80 p/s


Stuffed clog

With this gift you will surprise many receivers! A clog filled with a glass with a cow-image and a keychain with windmill. For the appetite you find also the Haagse Hopjes.

The image may differ from the image.

Weight: 545 gram
  € 19,50 p/s


Gift Birdhouse

What do you think of a bird house clog? Again something very different! And then for your appetite a delicious Gouda cheese.
Truly a gift for bird lovers or for decorating balcony or garden. Amazing fun right?

Weight: 955 gram
  € 39,50 p/s


Birdhouse clog-unvarnished

This bird house you can still paint in the color you want, or decorate with a beautiful picture, and then varnishing it. Which bird would not want such a beautiful house for brooding?

Weight: 515 gram
  € 21,00 p/s


Birdhouse clog-varnished

A beautiful birdhouse that you can easily hang. If I was a bird I would know!

The image can be another bird.


Weight: 515 gram
  € 30,00 p/s


Giftbox Moutarde

A nice gift for a lover of honey mustard. Delicious with a piece of Gouda cheese.

Weight: 760 gram
  € 15,30 p/s


Coffee set

A real Dutch present: a Delft blue coffee cup, a Delft Blue little cow for the creamer and a pack of coffee.

Weight: 895 gram
  € 15,00 p/s


Milking cow

This dairy little cow always does good. It is really great fun to your table or your mother or grandmother's table. You fill this little cow with creamer and you donate it out through his mouth. Success guaranteed!

Weight: 260 gram
  € 7,00 p/s


Milking cow and coffee cup

A beautiful Delft Blue coffee cup with dairy little cow Delft Blue. A beautiful combination, fun to give and just as fun to get.

Weight: 655 gram
  € 10,50 p/s


Cream couple

This gift includes a Delft Blue cream couple: a sugar bowl and milk jug, thereby Hague Hopjes as well as syrup waffles.

Weight: 975 gram
  € 14,95 p/s


Cocktail sticks-tulip-blue

This is a really nice souvenir, spic and span Dutch. Cocktail sticks in the shape of a tulip to sting pieces of cheese or sausage.

Weight: 215 gram
  € 12,50 p/s


Delft Blue cup with lid

This Delft Blue cup with lid is super cute. A beautiful gift to give and receive. You can use it as a pill box, tray for baby teeth, small candies or gadgets.

Weight: 50 gram
  € 4,95 p/s


Kissing couple

Would you like to make a package, then this is a great article to add. Looks very nice. And really Dutch. Dimensions approx. 8 cm.

Weight: 100 gram
  € 5,00 p/s


Kissing couple with tulip

This couple is slightly larger than the other 'kissing couple'. Also very nice to your self-compiled package to add. Super Dutch. Dimensions approx. 9,5 cm.

Weight: 150 gram
  € 7,00 p/s


Porcelain sheep with lambs

Isn't she lovely, this porcelain sheep with her lambs? Again, this may very well meet to your own composite package, but is also fun as Pillow Gift or Incentive.

Weight: 65 gram
  € 5,95 p/s


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